What's in Your Water?

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Common Water Problems

Arsenic can be harmful for the skin and cardiovascular and nervours system. It has been found in water tests done in Orlando, Ocala, The Villages, Gainsville, and Altamonte Springs.
Chlorine while necessarry to disinfect municipal water supplies it can be harmful for the skin

You might have hard water if you find spots in your glasses, or if you find your skin and hair dry and dull

Iron causes rust stains and is the leading cause of odor or bad smell coming from your water supply.
Water throughout the US including our area has constantly tested positive for high levels of chemicals such as lead that are known to cause health proplems.
If you can smell chlorine in your water or a rotten egg like smell, it is likely that the water running through your pipes is not clean and this can be harmful for your skin.

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