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What's in My Water

Arsenic can be harmful for the skin and cardiovascular and nervous system. It has been found in water tests done in Orlando, Ocala, The Villages, Gainesville, and Altamonte Springs.

While chlorine is needed to clean up water and important to keep pools clean, high levels of it can be damaging for people's health.

Have you seen light white spots on dishes, glasses, shower doors, or fixtures?It is likely that you have hard water which is is water that has a high mineral content.
Does your water smell like rotten eggs? Sulfur in your water supply is easily recognized by its offensive odor...

If your water has a metallic taste or you have seen a yellowish brown color stain in your toilet and/or water using appliances, it might contain Iron in it.

Lead differs from other contaminants in that it rarely occurs naturally in the raw water supply. Lead is more likely to become a problem after the water has left the treatment plant...
Does your water have a metallic taste or do you notice bluish-green stains inside your toilet tank or on your fixtures?...
If your water tastes metallic, look brackish or has brownish stains? You water may have manganese which like iron is a naturally occuring mineral.

The State and Federal government water centers are legally required to distribute biologically safe water, that doesn't contain and alage, mold and or bacteria, but private sources of water are not. This is why having your water tested is important, to ensure a safe water consumption.

Nitrate comes from nitrogen, it is needed for plant growth, so it's added to soil as fertilizer to improve its quality. Too much of it can be harmful to people and animals.

Some traces of  pharmaceuticals have been found in water supplies that are directed toward our homes. Because the levels aren't the same in each county, it's important to get your water tested to make sure your water is free of pharmaceuticals for you and your family.

Having cloudy water means your water contains an inorganic matter like sand.

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